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MKR-7 Maker Hammer and Nylon End/3 Metal Inserts

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Jewelers’ Hammers with stainless heads and American ash handles. 

MKR-7 Deluxe Maker Hammer  and Nylon End with3 Metal Inserts 


MKR-7 is an insert hammer with a selection of metal ends for “Hammer Chasing”.  Hammer Chasing is when metal is supported in pitch or filled with pitch and shaped by striking the metal directly with the hammer.  The MKR-7 is supplied with metal ends of various shapes for fluting and embossing a wide variety of jewelry shapes. The hammer ends also make interesting textures all from one hammer.   The opposing end accepts a nylon insert for working without marking or stretching the metal.

   Includes :

Hex Key

Flat Nylon Insert                                  

RH-4 Insert  4mm Width

RH-6 Insert  6mm Width

RH-8R Insert 8mm RD

Type Medium

Availability: In stock

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